May 28, 2017
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Data Resources
Data Update Calendar
The NCSC provides a wide variety of tables populated for use in the Workforce Information Database, including a number of data tables containing county, metropolitan area, state and national data. Because these tables contain economic data, they are updated regularly. This page contains the anticipated update schedule for the major data files distributed by the National Crosswalk Service Center.
Data Files and Database Structure
General, national, state, and other types of files available through the National Crosswalk Service Center Workforce Information Database
Tables Suggested Sources

This website contains suggested sources of content for many of the Workforce Information Database data tables.
How to automate data updates from NCSC using Data Transformation Services.
Data Transformation Services
An overview I Need Data!
Submit a request with details on what you need and how to contact you. Review the basics of working with data and the Workforce Information Database, including:
OES and OEP Recommendation
ARC's recommendation for OES short titles and the titles for the OEP matrix code associated with the pseudo-OES codes.
Information on selection of area identifiers in the Workforce Information Database.
Current Data Dictionary
Download the current version of the database [ALMIS Version 2.6, zipped] Non-standard Workforce Information Database Tables
Databases structured for use with the Workforce Information Database or tables awaiting further development and inclusion in the next release.