March 30, 2017
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Database Structure
WID Version 2.6.1 Addenda and Errata (Released 12/1/15) [PDF format]
WID Version 2.6.1 Revised Load Order Document (Released 10/19/16) [PDF format]
WID Version 2.6.1 Load Order (Released 10/19/16) [PDF format]
WID Data Structure (Version 2.6.1, Released 5/1/15) [PDF format]
WID Data Structure release letter (Version 2.6.1) [PDF format]
WID Data Structure (Version 2.6, released 12/19/14) [PDF format]
WID Data Structure (Version 2.5, revised 6/17/11) [PDF format]
WID Data Structure annotated version (Version 2.5, revised 6/17/11) [PDF format]
WID Data Structure (Version 2.4)
The 2.4 version of the Workforce Information Database [ALMIS Version 2.4, zipped] Non-standard Workforce Information Database Tables
Databases structured for use with the Workforce Information Database or tables awaiting further development and inclusion in the next release. Structure Document Archive
Earlier versions with corresponding documents Workforce Information Database Structure
Got a little free time? Review the Workforce Information Database Structure with this brief PowerPoint