May 28, 2017
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Employer Database

The Employer Database is a privately collected database containing information from over 12 million businesses throughout the country. This database includes the name, address, telephone number, contact person, and industry designation for each of these businesses. The ARC is responsible for the procurement and dissemination of the database to states for use in workforce development activities.

The State of Connecticut, the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and the Analyst Resource Center (ARC) announced the signing of a contract with Infogroup for production of the ARC Employer Database on December 3, 2014. The contract, executed between the State of Connecticut and Infogroup, is for a period of three years with three possible one-year extensions.

License Agreement and Supporting Documents

ARC Employer Database Contract Comparison
2009 Contract
2014 Contract

Term: 3 Years + 2 optional = 5 year possible

Term: 3 years + 3 optional = six possible
Cost: $2.45 million or $490, 000 per year Cost: $2.4 million or $400,000 per year
DVDs: minimum 3, no limit 4,000 contract max per delivery DVD: 0 to no limit, 4,000 contract max per delivery
Optional use beyond specified uses: None Same - However 25% discount is made available to licensees for purchase of lists for expanded purposes. See Exhibit B of Master Contract.
Live access to data - not available Live access to data - 25% discount for subscription to Infogroup's API access product which is updated daily ($20,000 annually)

Limits on search criteria - Each search must contain
1) NAICS 4 digit industry
2) Specified Geography or Business description or Occupation

Limits on Search Criteria. Each search must contain
1) NAICS 2-digit industry
2) Specified geography or business description or occupation

Limits on Intermediate User Search Results: Display 25 partials records download/print - 100 records email records - no Limits on Intermediate User Search Results Display 250 partial records (list of partial fields is also expanded) Download/print - 250 records
Email Records - yes
Search on Employer size class

Limits on End User Search Results: Display - 25 partial records Download/Print - 25 Records

No emailing of records

Limits on End User Search Results: Display - 50 partial records (list of partial fields is expanded) download/print - 50 records Email records - 50 records
Mapping: N/A Mapping: Licensee may publish maps portraying an unlimited number of employer records using thematic shading, colors, dots or other symbols along with aggregate data (e.g. total employment, total establishments) provided such display prevents the automated data extraction (e.g. web scraping) of individual employer information from the results.
If you have any questions, contact:

Al Sylvestre, CTDOL Office of Research
Phone: 860-263-6279
FAX: 860-263-6263