May 28, 2017
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Workforce Information Database
The Workforce Information Database is a normalized relational database structure developed for the storage and maintenance of employment statistics, labor market information, business listings and related economic and demographic data.  The database development project originated from the need for a single, multi-purpose database structure to drive analytical and data display systems.

The Workforce Information Database was created to provide a "common structure" for all states to use for the delivery of labor market and workforce information.  The Workforce Information Database also provides a common base for populating nationwide information applications, such as America's Career Information Network (ACINet).  The common underlying database structure allows customers across the nation to quickly and efficiently access consistent information.  The resulting cost savings to the workforce information system as a whole is significant because states and national entities do not have to "reinvent the wheel".  The infrastructure of the Analyst Resource Center (ARC) is in place to facilitate effective information delivery.

Because of data standardization through use of the Workforce Information Database, an unprecedented ability to link the various systems, classifications, and coding schemes can be achieved.  These integrated resources, provide unlimited opportunities for the delivery of customized, local information to customers in useful formats.
Workforce Information Database (structure only) Workforce Information Database in Action Explore the unlimited applications of the Workforce Information Database.