May 28, 2017
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New Database Administrators

Welcome to the world of Workforce Information Database Administration! The Analyst Resource Center is here to assist you with any questions and issues that may arise as you begin administering your state's Workforce Information Database. Here are a few suggested things to do to get started:

So that we can better communicate, please contact us to let us know the following: your name, email address, phone number and mailing address. Please include any predecessor's name so that we may udate our DBA listing.

Check our User Application web page to make sure that we have an updated link(s)for your state application(s).

We offer a variety of communication tools to keep you in the loop. You might want to sign up for our RSS feed, subscribe to our periodic ARC eNews, and review our Help Desk page for a listing of who to contact with questions and a listing of other state DBAs.

Review the web pages listed below for relevant resources and information that will help get you started. If you need further information, please contact us.

Brief Review of the Workforce Information Database (WID) [PPT format]
Overview of the WID, ARC, core tables, and how it all works ETA Guidelines Required Core Tables ARC Policies & Procedures Current WID Data Dictionary
(2.6.1) Newest version of the document outlining the structure of the Workforce Information Database (WID) Previous Version of the WID Data Dictionary
Version 2.5 of the WID Data Dictionary. Database Errata Suggested WID Data Resources
This Internet wiki site contains suggested sources of content for many of the Workforce Information Database data, lookup and crosswalk tables. The site also contains links to content for many lookup tables, and comprehensive histories of changes to each of the tables in the database. Communicate with other DBAs
Directory of state Workforce Information DBAs Training FAQs Help Desk ARC Progress Report