January 29, 2015
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Welcome to the Analyst Resource Center!

The Analyst Resource Center (ARC) is a joint effort between the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration and the states to enhance information delivery to workforce customers in the employment, education and economic development sectors.
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Workforce3 One is an online collection of communication and learning resources sponsored by the Employment and Training Administration. During 2014 the site hosted over 140 webinars dealing with a variety of workforce issues. All, along with transcripts, are available on their site.

 Dazzle Your Family with Info from the World of Statistics
Having trouble explaining the statistical part of what you do to family and friends? A quick visit to the World of Statistics on the web provides plenty of examples of the uses of statistics and much more.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has added a new prototype feature on their beta labs page: video features that take a closer look at the ten fastest-growing occupations from their 2012-22 employment projections.

On December 2, the Office of Management and Budget issued Statistical Policy Directive No. 1 (aka the Prime Directive). The document defined what federal statistical agencies do and don't do.

 Tools & Technology
The National O*NET Center has released an update to their Tools and Technology (T2) database. To learn more, visit the O*NET Center News page. You can download the Access and SAS/PC versions from the National Crosswalk Service Center.

Latest News
Military Crosswalk Updated
The Department of Defense has updated their crosswalk to civilian occupations. Find a link to information about this latest update and for downloading the file from the NCSC's WID Non-Standard Tables page.

The Analyst Resource Center has released Version 2.6 of the Workforce Information Database (WID). Information about this version is available for download on our Database Structure page.

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