June 25, 2016
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Welcome to the Analyst Resource Center!

The Analyst Resource Center (ARC) is a joint effort between the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration and the states to enhance information delivery to workforce customers in the employment, education and economic development sectors.
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The Census Bureau's Core Business Statistics Series has released 2012 data for industries whose NAICS code changed between 2007 and 2012.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has examined the characteristics of the emerging "gig economy," where workers might earn their living one project at a time, arranged through a digital marketplace for talent.

 NCES Condition of Education
The National Center for Education Statistics has released the 2016 Condition of Education Report, including a version for mobile devices. The report covers elementary/secondary and postsecondary schools.

Latest News
The National Crosswalk Service Center has just published their annual activity report for the year ending June 30, 2015.

BEA issued revised state Gross Domestic Product estimates for 2008-2014 and new, advance estimates for 2015.

ARC Training
The Analyst Resource Center is offering training for new state Database Administrators (DBAs) or DBAs that wish to increase their level of expertise. A three-day training session will be held August 23-25, 2016 in St. Paul, MN. Learn more...

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