September 29, 2016
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Welcome to the Analyst Resource Center!

The Analyst Resource Center (ARC) is a joint effort between the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration and the states to enhance information delivery to workforce customers in the employment, education and economic development sectors.
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 BEA Income Methodology Updates
When the Bureau of Economic Analysis released national and state personal income revisions for 2015, they also announce revisions for an extraordinarily long time frame: back to 1998. The updates arose from significant improvements in the estimation of nonfarm proprietors' income. See the Updates to Personal Income section towards the end of the personal income news release.

Census Bureau experts describe their work and explain census and survey results.

Over 20 federal agencies have contributed to the creation of a web site containing information useful to businesses, whether starting a business, searching for expansion possibilities overseas, or looking for information. Part of the effort to make federal information more accessible.

Latest News
The NCSC has formatted the one-year ACS estimates for 2015 for use in the WID. Contact the NCSC to request an extract for your state.

OMB has issued an update to their delineation of statistical areas, based largely on newer population estimates and some changes in geographic area names. The NCSC has created a geographic database that includes the updates.

IPEDS Files for WID Available
States can request copies of education-related files for their state by contacting the NCSC via email Get more info here.

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