December 19, 2014
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Welcome to the Analyst Resource Center!

The Analyst Resource Center (ARC, Inc.) is a joint effort between the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration and the states to enhance information delivery to workforce customers in the employment, education and economic development sectors.
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 Tools & Technology
The National O*NET Center has released an update to their Tools and Technology (T2) database. To learn more, visit the O*NET Center News page. You can download the Access and SAS/PC versions from the National Crosswalk Service Center.

The Department of Labor has established the Clearinghouse for Labor Evaluation and Research (CLEAR),a clearinghouse designed to make research on labor-related topics more available. Current topics range from career academies to OSHA enforcement to opportunities for youth.

 O*NET Online Resources Updated
The National O*NET Center has moved Version 19.0 of the O*NET Database into production in O*NET Online and other online resources.

The LMI Institute has added fact sheets describing a dozen significant programs that are sources of data relating to education and the workforce. They also provide brief descriptions and links to over 30 agencies, associations and other organizations that cover the broad spectrum of workforce, education and economic data.

Latest News
The Analyst Resource Center has released Version 2.6 of the Workforce Information Database (WID). Information about this version is available for download on our Database Structure page.

The NCSC has added the newly released 2009-13 five-year estimates from the American Community Survey to the prototype DEMOGRAPHICS table.

The NCSC has added the newly released 2011-13 three-year estimates from the American Community Survey to the DEMOGRAPHICS table. More info on the NCSC non-standard table page.

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